Project countries

Name Mentor Sec.m. Student
1. A New Trait Implementation France France, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, .
2. Amber CouchApp framework Croatia India, India, .
3. Animation Library based on Athens Argentina Ukraine, Argentina, France, Ukraine, .
4. Arduino Web Interface Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Colombia, France, India, .
5. Athen's HTML5 canvas France Ukraine, Argentina, Argentina, Croatia, Germany, India, India, Ukraine, .
6. Better rewriting rule tool France USA, Argentina, Ukraine, .
7. DBXTalk on NativeBoost Argentina Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, South Africa, .
8. Debugger Improvements Switzerland Argentina, Argentina, India, .
9. Dialect-Portable Monticello USA Ukraine, .
10. Distributed Issue Tracker Netherlands Netherlands, South Africa, Ukraine, .
11. Event based library integration in Pharo image and VM Argentina Croatia, Argentina, .
12. FAST Java Model France Ukraine, Argentina, France, France, IN, India, Morocco, Ukraine, .
13. Framework to render and to edit LaTeX formula France Argentina, Croatia, France, India, Ukraine, Ukraine, .
14. Gadget profiler Chile Chile, Chile, Chile, .
15. Gamification of Pharo development process Argentina Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, .
16. Git integration Switzerland Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, .
17. Glamour Toolkit on the web France France, France, .
18. Graph-ET Chile Switzerland, Argentina, Argentina, Chile, France, France, India, India, India, Tunisia, Ukraine, Ukraine, .
19. Implement Paxos in Smalltalk USA Germany, .
20. Improving Roassal Scalability Chile France, Chile, France, France, Ukraine, .
21. Jabber client / server . Argentina, Argentina, France, .
22. Mars release 1.0 Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, .
23. Mini-GIS with real-time interactions . Sweden, .
24. Modbus Industrial Automation Communications Protocol Australia Russia, Morocco, Russia, .
25. Morphic for Amber . Slovenia, Germany, .
26. Morphic widgets for browsing Switzerland Switzerland, Argentina, France, India, India, .
27. Nautilus In Spec France France, Ukraine, .
28. Pharo Image running on top of VirtualBox France Switzerland, India, India, Morocco, .
29. Phratch, a port of Scratch to Pharo 2.0 France France, France, Korea, .
30. Programming tools for Pharo based on Type Inference France France, Argentina, Chile, .
31. Roassal in Amber Chile Germany, Chile, .
32. ROSTalk, control robot on the web . France, Vietnam, .
33. SciSmalltalk - Solving Ordinary Differential Equations in Smalltalk Argentina, Argentina, France, India, India, India, India, India, Morocco, Tunisia, Ukraine, Ukraine, .
34. Search Indexing of Smalltalk image France USA, Argentina, Tunisia, Ukraine, Ukraine, .
35. Smalltalk IDE in Emacs France France, Morocco, Tunisia, .
36. Smalltalk Native-Code Debugger. Argentina Argentina, Germany, India, .
37. SmalltalkHub Continuous Integration Service France, Argentina, Argentina, South Africa, .
38. SmalltalkOpenCL Argentina France, Argentina, Argentina, .
39. Spec over Aida/Web for desktop-like Web Apps Slovenia India, Russia, .
40. Spec platform/framework Independence France, France, .
41. Split Mocketry into separate Mock Objects and Specification DSL frameworks Russia Argentina, .
42. Squeak Web browser Plugin for Major Browsers . India, .
43. Thread Profiler Chile Chile, Argentina, Argentina, Chile, Tunisia, .
44. Tools for developing Amber web clients from Pharo Russia France, Germany, Russia, .
45. Tree models visualization France Ukraine, France, France, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine, Ukraine, .
46. UIPainter France, France, South Africa, Ukraine, .
47. Unicode CLDR integration into Squeak/Pharo Norway USA, India, India, South Africa, .
48. Web based environment for OOP Learning Argentina Germany, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, Argentina, IN, India, India, India, India, India, Korea, .
49. Worksheet toolkit France Argentina, India, India, Tunisia, Ukraine, .