Mentor: Esteban Lorenzano
Second mentor: Stéphane Ducasse
Level: Advanced
Submitted proposal to Melange: Erwan Douaille
Invited students: Gareth Cox, Erwan Douaille
Students interested: Erwan Douaille(very), Sergij Skytyba(very), Gareth Cox


The purpose is to offer a way to easily describe and create UI using a point and click interface. This interface should be extendable, as well as the widget proposed. The Painter should also propose a simple way
to link widgets together, and to locally redefine behaviours.

Technical Details

Using Spec, the UIPainter should be able to generate the needed methods (and Layouts).
The UI corresponding class could also be generated.

Benefits to the Student

A deep understanding of UI creation. A good set of knowledges about widgets interactions. The students will also benefits of an understanding of Spec at all the levels.

Benefits to the Community

The community will benefit of a new tool for generating UIs easily using the new platform independent UI framework. A UIPainter will help developers by improving the widgets reuse and simply the process of UI creation

Updated: 9.4.2013