Dialect-Portable Monticello

Mentor: Sean DeNigris
Second mentor:
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Sergij Skytyba
Invited students: Sergij Skytyba
Students interested: Sergij Skytyba


Extend FileTree and Cypress to handle dialect feature differences like namespaces vs. prefixes

Technical Details

The pieces are all available and a proof of concept has been done, but what's required is a deeper look to integrate the idea consistent with the existing design.

Benefits to the Student

The student will get a deep understanding that ultimately, no matter how many layers are on top, most data boils down to text, which can be freed from wherever it lives, to go wherever it's needed. Also, the student will have the opportunity to contribute to a key core open source tool, with all the community involvement that implies.

Benefits to the Community

There are many great libraries for Squeak/Pharo vs. VW that would be extremely useful on the other side (like Xstreams - which has an older version on Squeak/Pharo, and PDF Artefact). There is very little preventing near-automatic porting between the ecosystems, and this project would address that.

Updated: 9.4.2013