Spec platform/framework Independence

Mentor: Esteban Lorenzano
Second mentor: Stéphane Ducasse
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Benjamin Van Ryseghem
Invited students: Benjamin Van Ryseghem
Students interested: Benjamin Van Ryseghem(very)


The goal is to improve and ensure the platform independence of Spec. Indeed, one of Spec goals is to generate widgets on multiple UI rendering framework (Morphic, Seaside, etc). The student could improve Spec by providing a set of widgets for multiple framework, and ensure the usability of Spec in different Smalltalk dialect.

Technical Details

Currently running only in Pharo, Spec should be able to be used easily on Squeak. One interesting target is to be able to use it in Amber by example.

Benefits to the Student

The student will acquire knowledge and experience about different Smalltalk implementation. He will also experience different UI framework, and trough Spec how widgets interact with each others.

Benefits to the Community

The community will benefit of the coolness of Spec, and will also have a single way to define UIs regardless of the framework used to render them.

Updated: 9.4.2013