Animation Library based on Athens

(Student proposal by Mariano Vicente)

Mentor: Pablo Tesone
Second mentor: Igor Stasenko
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Mariano Vicente
Invited students: Mariano Vicente
Students interested: Mariano Vicente(very), Erwan Douaille, Vitalii Melnyk(lightly)


Animation Library based on Athens framework

Technical Details

The Athens is a new vector-based graphics framework for Pharo.
Implementing the animation framework on top of it, would make possible to use
various visual effects in UI for transitions like fading, sliding, zooming/rotation.. or morphing geometrical shapes from one to another.
Animation framework could also be used to realize better support for importing SVG format which contains animations.

Benefits to the Student

  • Learn the basics of animations and moving objects.
  • Learn about managing vector graphics, geometry, animation & transformation and screen estate
  • Understand the concepts of movement functions

Benefits to the Community

  • Get a library to make custom animations with the possibility of add new one.
  • Animation library can be used by Pharo (or any Pharo-based project) to improve UI look & feel.


Updated: 11.4.2013