Tree models visualization

Mentor: Usman Bhatti
Second mentor: Yuriy Tymchuk
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Mathieu Dehouck
Invited students: Benjamin Arezki, Mathieu Dehouck
Students interested: Benjamin Arezki(very), Vitalii Melnyk(very), Mathieu Dehouck, Rustem Khubbatov, Hamza Nouri, Sergij Skytyba


Moose platform (http://www.moosetechnology.org) does very good job for data analysis. Recent FAST extension allows one to model an AST for a source code. The idea behind this project is to develop an interactive tree visualization that will gradually improve analysis of the underlying model.

Technical Details

Roassal graphical visualization engine will be used to visualize tree models. One of a use cases are abstract syntax trees. In particular FAST implementation for Smalltalk (http://youtu.be/dRr3WHOD3x4). Tree visualization should improve model understanding and incorporate interaction. Upon creation of the visualization, development of a supporting framework is welcome. This way when FAST will be extended to model another languages visualization for them could be introduced in an easy way. Main issues when working with large tree visualization:

  • for source trees different nodes have different meanings,
  • size of the model often makes visualization difficult to analyze.
  • adding interactivity in the visualization to annotate interesting entities, analyze them individually/independently.

Benefits to the Student

  • learn Roassal visualization engine
  • learn about software modeling
  • learn about model representation

Benefits to the Community

Result can be used in Moose for AST visualizations as well as all other models that conform to tree hierarchy, this will greatly improve their analysis.

Updated: 10.4.2013