Glamour Toolkit on the web

Mentor: Usman Bhatti
Second mentor: Damien Cassou
Level: Intermediate
Invited students: Benjamin Arezki
Students interested: Benjamin Arezki


Glamour is an award-winning engine to script browsers. The ability to rapidly create custom browsers and accommodate arbitrary domain models make it an attractive choice for constructing dedicated tools. In the context of Moose, Glamour is used to create custom tools for software analysis. Glamour has its own representation for UI components and then there are mappings for morph widgets. There is also a renderer for Seaside but it is not complete. The purpose of this project is to bring the core concepts of glamour in the Web browser through Amber and provide a port of Glamour to script web-based browsers. Amber is a language (derived from Smalltalk) and environment built for the web.

Technical Details

We need to port the key concepts of Glamour on the web with Amber such as Transmissions, Ports, and Panes. It will also be interesting to see what widgets to choose for the UI components of Glamour toolkit.

Benefits to the Student

  • Understanding the internals of an award-winning, state of the art tool for constructing browsers and Amber Smalltalk applications

Benefits to the Community

The community will have the tool working on the web to create custom browsers on the web.

Updated: 9.4.2013