ROSTalk, control robot on the web

Second mentor: Nicolas Petton
Level: Advanced
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ROS (Robot Operating System) is a software to standardize communication between robotic applications. Communication between components is performed using messages channels named "topic". A gateway named ROSBridge allow ROS components to controlled from a web browser that supports HTML5 WebSockets protocol. The gateway converts ROS topics in JSON objects used in a web application. JavaScript is the default language of many modern web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, ...) but this is a limited language as soon as you want to
build reusable components. ROSTalk is a prototype developed by Serge Stinckwich based on Amber Smalltalk, which allows to use the language Smalltalk from a web browser in order to control robotic software.

Technical Details

Smalltalk Amber, JavaScript, ROS middleware

Benefit to the Student

  • Learn how to use ROS middleware and develop complex Smalltalk application on the web.

Benefit to the community

  • will enhance visibility of Amber Smalltalk to larger audience.

Updated: 9.4.2013