Tools for developing Amber web clients from Pharo

Mentor: Dennis Schetinin
Second mentor: Nicolas Petton
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Rustem Khubbatov
Invited students: Rustem Khubbatov
Students interested: Rustem Khubbatov(very), Matthias Springer

Further development of Nemo project towards ability to build Amber applications from Pharo, including tools like Browser, Inspector, Debugger, etc.
Technical Details
Nemo project [1], [2] is a starting point. WebSocket technology to be used for duplex communication between Pharo and Amber. Many results and ideas of the "HMI with Amber" project can be used [3], [4]
Benefits to the Student
The student will gain experience in building client-server applications with advanced UI and providing two-way communication between client and server using modern WebSocket technology, and get deeper knowledge of modern Smalltalk system internals.
Benefits to the Community
Amber is a very promising platform for building modern web applications with rich UI, but it still lacks too many convenient and productive development tools Pharo offers. A seamless development environment for building both server and client code is an obvious win for community.

Updated: 21.4.2013