Roassal in Amber

Mentor: Alexandre Bergel
Second mentor: Manfred Kröhnert
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Pablo Estefó
Invited students: Pablo Estefó
Students interested: Pablo Estefó(very)


Roassal has proven to be a useful and top tool for the entire Smalltalk community. It has been used both in academic and commercial organizations. Proof of this is that it has already been ported to other Smalltalk dialects such as VisualWorks.

Nowadays, where the Web reigns as king of information sharing, Amber is one of the most robust responses from the Smalltalk world. Thus, porting Roassal in Amber will promote Roassal as a good alternative for interactive visualization development on the web.

Technical Details

The project consists in:

  • Getting Roassal to compile automatically
  • Adapt Roassal to Amber’s environment constraints
  • Connect Roassal with an optimized HTML5 canvas rendering library (RaphaelJS [1], D3 [2])

[1] http://raphaeljs.com/
[2] http://d3js.org

Benefits to the Student

The student will (i) better understand both Roassal and Amber internals, (ii) improve his / her javascript skills (iii) make an important contribution for the community

Benefits to the Community

Both Roassal and Amber projects will have several benefits. Roassal will attract web users, leading to an increase in interest and use of both Amber and Roassal.

We expect it will help Roassal users to easily share and show their visualizations on the web, making it available to a wide range of viewers (not only Pharo users).

Updated: 9.4.2013