Squeak Web browser Plugin for Major Browsers

Second mentor:
Level: Advanced
Invited students:
Students interested: sree leela


The goal is to make Squeak accessible within major web browsers. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome/Chromium are two open-source browsers that should be targeted/tested. Safari, IE and Opera would be nice to have, and strongly encouraged.

Technical Details

The current plugin code could be a good start.

Benefits to the Student

Learn or enhance knowledge of web browser plugins for major browsers. Requires student to learn techniques to interface two different products (squeak and a web browser) - each that maintain their own unique characteristics. Helps student be more attractive for Internet-based technical employment.
Benefits to the Community

A Squeak plugin breaks the Page-Bound barrier of traditional HTML/JS/PHP generated content. Current Squeak applications could be easily adapted and utilized by users almost immediately. Allows new web apps to be created using powerful built-in Squeak tools. Could elevate the marketability of Squeak and may proliferate it's use.

Updated: 9.4.2013