SmalltalkHub Continuous Integration Service

Mentor: Esteban Lorenzano
Second mentor: Nicolas Petton
Level: Intermediate
Invited students:
Students interested: Nicolas Avila(very), Gareth Cox


Continuous integration services are becoming a fundamental part of programming process, and tools for easy the execution of builds are emerging and being integrated directly into the version control systems (like travis and github). We propose to add this facilities to pharo flag version control service (SmalltalkHub), to facilitate the adoption of continuous integration processes into our community.

Technical Details

This project implies the extension of SmalltalkHub and the configuration of building jobs into the pharo community public infrastructure (and explore the possibility of using travis itself).

Benefits to the Student

  • Use a highly reflective dynamic language
  • Learn to develop a complex multi-module architecture with several communication pipes.
  • Learn about REST interfaces.
  • Learn about integration of different services developed in different technologies.
  • Learn web application development techniques.

Benefits to the Community

  • Have a platform for automate continuous integration processes indirectly
  • increase the quality level of the frameworks developed


Updated: 9.4.2013