Gamification of Pharo development process

Mentor: Santiago Bragagnolo
Second mentor: Guillermo Polito
Level: Intermediate
Submitted proposal to Melange: Ronny De Jesus
Invited students: Ronny De Jesus, Mariano Vicente
Students interested: Ronny De Jesus, Sebastian Tleye, Mariano Vicente

Gamification is becoming more and more popular in a lot of applications. What about gamify the pharo development process? You get points by adding comments, fixing bugs or answering questions. You can be a comment healer, a bug slayer, a Zinc magician. The intend of this project is to build an application that integrates with the Pharo development process tools (issue tracker, smalltalkhub, stack overflow) and provides a gamified experience, so we get more and more motivated to code.
Technical Details

This project implies the creation of an application which communicates with different applications APIs and perform some analysis on them such as running source code Lint rules. Additionally, this application should have a web frontend.

Benefits to the Student

  • Use a highly reflective dynamic language
  • Learn to develop a complex application architecture with several communicating components
  • Learn about ramification concepts
  • Learn about an open source project development and integration process, such as Pharo
  • Learn web application development techniques

Benefits to the Community

  • have a platform to organize activities and events around the Pharo development
  • be more motivated to participate into the development for rewards such as experience, badges and abilities

Updated: 9.4.2013