Proposal by Nicolas Avila for SmalltalkOpenCL

Proposed by Nicolas Avila (profile, biography)

How will I do that project

I will use at least 20 hours a week during which I will focus on achieving the objectives of that week.

I will perform the following tasks

1. I will research on OpenCl Api.

2. I will define the scope of the project with the mentor, and modularize the work.

3. I will work in the different modules in weekly springs.

4. I will do the examples and the documentation for the use of the interface.  

What methodologies will I use

Mainly I will use an adaptation of scrum, with weekly springs and mettings.

During each spring will work exclusively on functionality agreed with the mentor before beginning the spring.

Also at the beginning of the project will agree with the mentor the use of a project managment tool as support to show the progress.

Through this tool will update the status of tasks and the mentor will see how the project progresses.

As SCM tool propose using github.

Suggested timeline and milestones

1. Do the previous research and define the weekly objectives.

2. Work in the differents springs until reach the objetives of the project.

3. Make differents examples of how use the new interface.

4. Make the documentation for his use. 

Where I see the risks

As beginner developer I see like a risk the possibility that found a tecnical problem that I can not solve in the time of spring. I need work strongly in the comunication with the mentor in order to avoid this kind of problems.

Another risk is make a bad estimation assuming that a task is less complex than it really is

How the results will look like

The community will have a interface of OpenCl using the smalltalk syntax.

Updated: 2.5.2013