Proposal by Daniel Aviv for Graph-ET

Proposed by Daniel Aviv (profile, biography)

How will I do that project

I'm already trying to do this project. Basically I'm trying to port code from EyeSee to a new Package, one functionality at the time, trying to export tests and make them work on Roassal.

I can invest at least 8-9 hours a week to do the project. I usually will report to my mentors, Alexandre Bergel and Tudor Girba, to look for feedback from them. Basically keep in touch with them.

I'll try and do short tasks so development will be safer.

I'll upload my changes to a repository.

I'll run some Smalltalk programs that can merge Roassal with Graph-ET.

What methodologies will I use

I'm using TDD as I think is the most easy way to develop.

I probably use some audiovisual background to present my advances (scrrencasts, web images, examples, etc...)

Suggested timeline and milestones

1) Get used to EyeSee's scripting. 1 week

2) Try to undestand and replicate EyeSee's internal structure as well as I can. 1-2 weeks

3) Porting 1-by-1 the charts in EyeSee and test them so I can see if they behave correctly. 1.5-2 months

4) Porting any other extra functionality of EyeSee and test them. 1 month

5) Document, test, write examples, refactor. 2 weeks

Where I see the risks

- Little time to develop.

- Some functionalities from EyeSee maybe will be to hard to port.

- Maybe I won't be able to understand EyeSee's code.

But with the help of my mentors and regular contact with EyeSee original developers this difficulties will be easy to handle.

How the results will look like

The community will have a tool that is as powerful and robust as EyeSee but with the goods of Roassal in it.

Updated: 2.5.2013