Biography for Tomas Carrasco Escaff

Briefly about me

Hi! I'm Tom, I'm from Chile and I'm studying Computer Engineering at University of Chile. 

I'm a really curious guy, in almost every aspect of my life. I like a lot to learn new thing and talk with people.

Also I like programming very much. So for me is very pleasant when i can learn exciting things on computer science and then translate them into code. It's really fascinating!

About my study

Currently I'm in my 5th year of Computer Engineering, from a total of 6 years.

I studied previously a two year academic program at the same university known as Programa Academico de Bachillerato, a kind of mixture between last year of high school in some countries and a first year at university. 

My interests

Well, I have a lot of interest.

I like very much the OO design methodologies, design patterns and related topics. More that anything I like to work with such topics in mind every time I have to write code, and review them frequently.

I also I like software quality assessment very much, it's a topic that I found late on my studies but wich I want to keep learning for a long time.

Also I like very much certain kind of topics more theoretical, those related with computability theory and languages theory.

But my biggest interest is to learn :)

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

So far I've worked in the industry of software two times. The first time developing an application on pure python, working as designer and implementer. It was a really cool experience because my development team was composed only for university classmates, so we could apply all the knowledges on OO design learnt in the university and see the impact on the whole process.

The second time, I worked in a software company bigger than the first, but was horrible, because there wasn't any methodology, and there wasn't any defined software development process. I developed a standard web application again on python, but this time using the Django framework.

Beyond that, all my experiences are due to my studies. In terms of languages that I handle: Java, Python, C, C++, Scheme, Javascript, SQL, bash. Also I've worked with JEE, Django, mysql and postgresql. I've developed different projects using each of the mentioned stuffs, all for university purposes.

More than that, I left to say that currently I'm working in the university as undergraduate teaching assistant in two courses, Operating Systems and Data Bases.

My Smalltalk experiences so far

My experience with Smalltalk started very recently. I've worked with Pharo, and I've been developing different visualizations for software quality assessment, using Moose and Roassal Easel. I've recently finished a software quality assessment visualization of a Smalltalk framework currently in use, and for me work with Smalltalk has become a entirely exciting experience.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

To things to be mentioned.

First, I have little time working with this language, and in this little time I've falled in love as a programmer. I think this language merge the best thing of the languages I already know, and it is so clean that let you concentrate purely on what you need. For me the Smalltalk way generates a two side benefit: it let you satisfies real world needs implementing real complex software, and provides you a clean, clear and highly comprensible sintaxis. 

Secondly, I've seen many things that you can learn having a language like Smalltalk, and it seems to me a really nice language to learn a lot of practical stuffs and put into practice any theoretical thing.  

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?


Updated: 30.4.2013