Proposal by Anastasya Grishina for Spec over Aida/Web for desktop-like Web Apps

Proposed by Anastasya Grishina (profile, biography)

How will I do that project

In the summer I do not plan any major events, so I will expend at least 20 hours per week.

I will report on the progress and advise on solving problems with my mentor Janko Mivšek. Also we work in parallel with the Spec independence project by Benjamin. I will try to follow the progress of their project and possibly working in parallel and collaborating with him.

What methodologies will I use

In this project, I will be guided by the rules of Extreme Programming.

  • Test driven development
  • Small Releases
  • Continuous Integration
  • Simple design
  • Coding standard or Coding conventions

I will upload all of my code in the repository. And also I will send architecture diagrams, reports, and examples of my mentor and a blog about their progress.

Suggested timeline and milestones

Until the 17th of June, I will improve their knowledge of Smalltalk. I read tutorials and books about Pharo and well researched AIDA / web framework.

Next, I will read the documentation Spec and find the best solution as the spectrum can help building web applications, 

Where I see the risks

In late June, I will have state exams, I will be able to focus less time on the job, so I'm planning simple chore at this time.

How the results will look like

At the end should get a  Aida demo application showing the work of AIDA and Spec.

Updated: 3.5.2013