Proposal by Ronny De Jesus for Gamification of Pharo development process

Proposed by Ronny De Jesus (profile, biography)

 How will I do that project

I'll spend at least 20 hours a week in the project.

 I will do shorts iterations about one or two weeks and sending shorts summaries to my mentors with the activities done, in progress and planned to do


What methodologies will I use

I'll use weekly sprints to organise my work, following the original roadmap, but the feedback is welcome and could change the roadmap,depending of the my mentors or the community opinion.  

I'll keep the roadmap steps, choosing the next tasks each week with my mentors.

Suggested timeline and milestones

  1. Event handler  (new class, method,  category, etc.)

    • Register each of the events;

  2. Points's System

    • Is a game, the points have to be balanced, but it is not fun, people would end up doing the same to get more points.

  3. Challenges's system  

    • Repeatable challenges

    • Periodic challenges

    • Epic challenges

    • Unique challenges

  4. Pharo’s Notifications

    • Whenever the user advances in a challenge, the system notifies him

  5. Web  server API

    • Store users, points, ranking

  6. Pharo client

    • Call services of  web server

    • Integration with social networks within the image

  7. Web client 

  8. Bugfixing, testing and documentation.


Where I see the risks 

Since the broader vision scope is very large, I found the major risk in trying to give always the most valuable features at first.  

How the results will look like 

The community will have a platform to Participate and compete (healthily) into the pharo development.

The new users can learn the most important tools with a guide and receive points for it

Updated: 3.5.2013