Biography for Nirbhai Singh

Briefly about me

Hello, I'm Nirbhai, from India and I 'll be completing my Bachelors in computer Science Engineering this june. I love learning new technologies and travelling is my passion.

About my study

I'm a final year student of Computer Science Engineering from Thapar University's class of 2013.

Skill set I acquired during my four year learning at university comprises of :

Languages                :     Python, C++, C, Java, SQL, PL/SQL

Databases                 :     Oracle, MySQL

Web technologies       :      HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Mobile technologies    :      Android

OS environment        :      Macintosh, Windows, Fedora

IDE environments     :      Eclipse, IDLE, Netbeans (not very excited about this one)

My interests

In addition to learning and experimenting with new technologies—on my own time or in small projects—I often find myself traveling; it is my biggest passion. In my spare time, I am always traveling, or planning a trip in India or in various places around the world. My travels are deeply inspired by this quote by Samuel Johnson, "The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are." and to challenge this, here is another quote by Thomas Fuller, “If an ass goes traveling he will not come home a horse”, because I very much believe—in my case—it always does.

Besides traveling, my other interests are: Reading, playing almost any game (I played soccer professionally for one season in high school), bike riding, and listening to music. 

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

In chronological order, with latest first, in brief :

  • CAFFE 4 : Conceptualisation of an online caffe board for Thapar University's class of 2013, for sharing their memories, of their university days, with their peers, in their own way. (
  • Research Intern, NLP dept. C-DAC, Noida : Co-created data dictionaries for useful morph and lexical analysis of 2 Indian Languages (Hindi & Punjabi), for the NLP application "DASHBOARD". Also designed and developed a testing tool for the said application.
  • Employee Payroll Management System : Co-developed (automated) the wage calculation and record keeping system for chemical plant Praveen ISPAT, Mandi Gobindgarh.
  • Android Game Development : Co-developed two games, a number guessing game and a Puzzle game.
  • Website designing and development : Co-designed and developed the official website for Thapar University's annual technical festival ARANYA, for the year 2011

My Smalltalk experiences so far

None so far, but I am exploring around just.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

On the very first day of my bachelors class, I heard my prof. say, "there are a 100+ programming languages and none is redundant." Ofcourse my initial response was, "Atleast a few must be, if not many." But with time, when I had hands on experience with various languages, I realised that my prof.'s words were very much true. Each language has its own high points to offer and low points where it compromises. C being the witty fast, Java being enriched with features and pre-written libraries and its object code and virtual machine it runs on, Python being the one where you can always find a one-liner for something , for which in other languages you had to write many and above all its simplicity, i mean to write "for x in range 0 to 10", you actually write "for x in range (0,10)" no fancy syntaxes, how cool is that !! Recently in march, I was reading a book, Coders at work by Peter Seibel and while going through it I was fascinated about small talk, especially after reading the part about Dan Ingalls. And I felt its time I go delving into a new programming language and once again ask myself the question which I have been asking ever since my first class, "why is this language not redundant ?". And a GSoC project in small talk, it just sweetens the deal. And not to mention, learning and working with small talk will allow me to look at the origins of the OOP.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

I fully intend to. 



Acronyms used :

NLP : Natural Language Processing

C-DAC : Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

Updated: 22.4.2013