Biography for Nate Dunning

Briefly about me

Hi! I am a sophomore (soon to be junior) in Computer Science at Purdue University! I greatly enjoy coding, assisting people with their code, and any computer related thing in general! Outside of CS I love play, watching, breathing, and participating in soccer. I'm also die hard Manchester United fan!

About my study

 I am, like I said before, a Computer Science major at Purdue University. I am also working on a attaining Psychology minor. I am working on the psych minor because the interaction between people and their computers fascinates me and, one day, I'd like to work in that kind of field.

My interests

 Human rights, Soccer, computers, friends, football (soccer in England), coding, and climbing!

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far


My Smalltalk experiences so far

 I haven't had any Smalltalk experience 

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?


Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

 Yes, I'd like to! I think this is a great idea and I'd like to keep with it!

Updated: 25.4.2013