Biography for Ivan Hugo Guevara

Briefly about me

My name is Iván Hugo Guevara, i'm 26 years old and i'm from Grand Bourg, a small town outside Buenos Aires. Two months ago i moved out to CABA (capitol city of Buenos Aires) to simplify my daily routine, of course.

About my study

I'm a 5th year college student at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN-FRBA) studying Information Systems Engineering. Hopefully i will be having my degree by the end of this year :).

My interests

I love programming, of course, teaching, going to the gym to clear my mind once in a while and recently i have discovered a great passion for research. 

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

 I've been working as a developer since 2010 with object oriented programming languages. I have designed, tested and developed in differents technologies such as:

Java (Eclipse), C# and ASP.NET (Visual Studio 2010 and 2008), ActionScript 3 and MXML (Using Adobe Flex 3 and 4).

I also have worked with databases using SQL (Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL) and scripting programs using Bash Scripting.

I've teaching object oriented, logic and functional programming since 2008 and worked with Prolog and Haskell.

I also have used for college ANSI C, using POSIX libraries, IPC and Shared Memory.

My Smalltalk experiences so far

As i said before, i've been teaching since 2008 object oriented programming, using Smalltalk to demonstrate those concepts.  I've used Dolphin Smalltalk 6, Squeak and Pharo over these last 4 years and also worked on doing some PoC's using Morphic framework to teach object oriented concepts to students.  

I also have worked in the industry using Pharo, Seaside 3.0, Gemstone (using Gemtools of course) and nowadays i'm working at Telecom Argentina using Visual Age 7.52 using Gemstone.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

Smalltalk is an amazing dynamic language, very easy to learn and understand. Understanding object programming concepts and translating them in Smalltalk is quite simple and makes your project easy to follow.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

Of course.... I really love Smalltalk and i honestly admire the effort that is doing the Pharo Community to support it.

Updated: 30.4.2013