Biography for Federico Mieres

Briefly about me

I am Federico Magno Mieres, from Buenos Aires Argentina.

About my study

In 2012, I have already finished my studies and have the diploma of my undergraduate studies program of Technician in Software Programming (Técnico en Programación Informática -TPI- in Spanish) in Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

In these days, I am taking courses of the university diploma of Licenciature of Software Development (Licenciatura en Desarrollo de Software -in Spanish) in the same University.

My interests

I have worked mainly with Functional Programming, but I am also interested in Object-Oriented Paradigm.

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

My experiences cover different technologies.

I have worked in a typical web application using Java, Spring and Hybernate. I have developed a small ORM for HBase in Java.

Also, my final report of the university diploma was the development of a RPG (Role Playing Game) using Haskell.

Right now, I am learning how to combine Scala and Android to make them work in a collaborative way.

My Smalltalk experiences so far

I've mainly worked with Pharo. I did my first steps to emulate a PL used in our university diploma to teach programming with procedural paradigm in the first TPI lectures. It was simple when I implemented it but two years later using the capabilities of Helvetia, I managed to implement a more stable and accurate version of the application. 

In addition, I worked some time developing the Scala's Trait in Smalltalk (Smalltalk's traits with state). it was my own final proyect in the Lecture of Advanced Object-Oriented Paradigm in my undergraduate studies.

Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

The pure object model provides powerful capabilities to work with the pure paradigm object-message. 

Secondly, I think that the community is very collaborative.
While i was with my projects at university course using Smalltalk (and using the web stackoverflow about questions of programming I met some Smalltalkers willing to answer or help me and I really liked that feeling. 

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

Personally, I am open to different technologies, and I am not limited to work with only one. However, I consider that Smalltalk as the first OOP language to understand and learn the basic and advanced concepts.





Updated: 22.4.2013