Biography for Ante Pocedulić

Briefly about me

- Computer Science graduate student on Faculty of Science in Zagreb, Department of Mathematics.

- Protagonist for open source and member of Free Software Croatia group

- Interested in programming and always searching for new adventures in field of computer science

- trying to implement all of my ideas for software

- always trying to simplify things by programming, such as python and bash scripts for GNU Linux OS

About my study

- first year student on Computer Science graduate study

- have special interest in software development, machine learning and system administration

My interests

- programming in applied mathematics

- sports

My non-Smalltalk experiences so far

- working on projects with dr. Goran Igaly. Theme of the projects was to upgrade Croatian - English dictionary (named EH.Txt) and for that purpose we created Croatian dictionary (HR.Txt) on which we work now so we can connect these two dictionaries

- student assistant on Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics in several courses

- IT technician at British Council

- web developer in Trikoder (Croatian company) where I worked with PHP programming language

- DAAD Summer School: building agent in RoboSoccer framework in Java

College projects:

   - implementation AI agent in RoboCode framework (Java)

   - web application for work hours accounting (which is used for college purposes, by students, for several years)

   - face detection application (in progress) is project for Machine Learning course. It will be written in Java


My own projects:

   - Scramble for Croatian language (still in progress): this project will be Android application and it will be multiplayer game. Game is written in PHP (server side) and Java (Android)

My Smalltalk experiences so far


Why am I interested in Smalltalk?

 I'm interested because I want to learn new programming language and by what I read about it, Smalltalk is certainly a programming language I want to learn more about. Sure, I can use online tutorial and learn the basics but, I strongly believe that the best way to learn is by working on a project.

Will I stay with Smalltalk after the project is finished?

 I don't know that at this moment, but if it shows up like useful and good language, maybe there is a chance for that.

Updated: 2.5.2013