Proposal by Milton Mamani for Thread Profiler

Proposed by Milton Mamani (profile, biography)

How will I do that project

I will work every night in this project, at least 20 hours a week, and having daily meetings with my mentor.

What methodologies will I use

I'd like to use Test-driven development.

Suggested timeline and milestones

I think that I can work in the first version for VisualWorks I can work in:

  * a Visual Window.

  * table of processes.

  * buttons such as: filters(by user, by system), Stop, Inspect stack, Inspect, and so on.

  * a graph of the process time-line, with Roassal.

After that I'd like to do the same version, for Pharo:

  * a Visual Window and table of processes.

  * buttons like and a graph.

  * and many other features.

Where I see the risks

I see the risks in the timeline, the optimization of the graphical interface and the compatibility between Pharo and Visual Works.

How the results will look like

I'd like that the project will be used by the community and it can help to a lot of people.

Updated: 30.4.2013