Proposal by Vitalii Melnyk for Athen's HTML5 canvas

Proposed by Vitalii Melnyk (profile, biography)

How will I do that project

I have to begin with learning Athens and Amber, because I am new to it. I will get some basic knowlege by going through Athens tutorial which comes with Athens.

I need to implement HTML5 back-end for Athens.

Also I will implement new tutorial to show people what they can do with Athens.

In addition to this I need to write a small game in Amber to showcase the work.

The project will be realized in the Pharo environment as Pharo is the development platform of both Athens and Amber.

What methodologies will I use

I will try to split my project work to many smaller tasks. After finishing every task I will show result to my mentors and decide all pros and cons with them.

Also I will use TDD(Test-driven Development) in this project.

Suggested timeline and milestones

I should have 4 main phases:

1) Learning Smalltalk and getting used to Athens and Amber. (~2 weeks)

2) Implementing HTML5 back-end for Athens. (~3 weeks)

3) Writing tutorial for Athens. (~6 weeks)

4) Creating demo game in Amber. (the rest)

Where I see the risks

First two weeks I will have exams in my university, so I will spend less time on this project. But it is not a problem, because I will spend more time after exams.

Also there can be a problem with cross-browsing but I have some experience there and I hope, i will solve that problems easily.

How the results will look like

Athens with support of drawing on HTML5, new tutorial and demo game explaining new opportunities.

Updated: 3.5.2013